A Gadget Like Widget

Gidget was borne of a desire to have health check scripts and statistics from application DBs available to me at all times. I was surprised to find a lack of useful tickers that could quickly, easily and unobtrusively integrate in to a working desktop already packed with windows.

Gidget tickers can be spread across your workspace and can be used to take advantage of excess space in your taskbar to display useful information.

Gidget allows you to configure connection strings, SQL queries, and format strings for any number of gidgets. You can run multiple instances of Gidget to have different tickers displayed on your screen. Now with customizable colors, resolution based location configurations, and configuration switching.

Note: This application is very much a work in progress and not polished - so don’t mind the bugs which will get squashed as new features are added. Consider it an Alpha.

Gidget Example Usage: Taskbar Display

Gidget Example Usage: Taskbar Display